Jonas uses

Free/libre/open-source software and useful things that lasts.

Jonas uses
Workspace v2022
Techstack / Skills
I’m currently available for employment. Full stack web developer. Enjoys building modern web components on reactive state semantic graphs.

This site

This runs on Ghost CMS with a theme I adapted and extended. Runs on my personal Debian server.

Operating System

Debian GNU/Linux with KDE. Have been using this since around 1998, coming from Unix and previously Amiga.


Have been using Emacs for the longest time. I recently started using VS Code, but had to turn off a lot of stuff the jumps up, blinks, jumps around. Still think that emacs is better at automatic code indentation and the freedom of just opening any file, outside of current project, and through any number of ssh jumps.


Uses Google Chrome for the DevTools. Augmented with uBlock Origin and Video Speed Controller. Have been frustrated with Firefox.

Multimedia editing

Inkscape, Gimp and Google Photos. Audacity for sound and Kdenlive for videos.


LG C9 with Playstation 5 and surround system. Hooked up with PLEX. This was my previous setup. I recently also added a Blue Yeti Nano microphone with a mic arm just so that I could comfortably record speech directly on PS5.


Android Mobile Phone with the Google Cloud. Uses Firefox mainly for the reader mode, that will remove all distractions. Also @Voice Aloud Reader for listening to articles while walking around. Uses YouTube Premium for getting rid of ads, being able to listen to videos without the screen, and also for Youtube music. Also BeyondPod and Smart AudioBook. My Noise cancelling Bose QC35ii is the best investment ever made.

Artificial Intelligence

Too much hype. I am mostly using the paid version of along with for a more long form conversational style. Also uses (Previously Google Bard) that is also improving week by week. MS AI copilot with Bing on Edge has a free service based on GPT-4 turbo. For images, there are lots of actors including and Would not want to use GitHub copilot in its current state.

Dream Setup

I generally don't want to waste resources so will keep what works. But I will probably soon buy a new workstation. My home was set up for paper-based archiving during 1990, even if I haven't used much of is in many years. My dream setup is more about having stuff with low to no maintenance that will last for a long time.