Table of Contents

These are personal sites and pages in addition to the communal social media ones.

Table of Contents

Family web domain

Main personal website. Currently redirecting to my blog

The 1999 version of my home page.
Netscape recently got the hot new feature of using tiled images as page background!
Some of the stuff has been migrated to my blog.

My blog and current main personal website

  • /tags — Index of blog topics
  • /contact — How to reach me
  • /about — My presentation
  • /uses — My tools
  • /techstack — My skills and preferred tech stack
  • /cv — My work history / Resume
  • /rss — Blog feed in RSS format

My personal home work computer. Probably nothing to see here...

Alternatives for a positive future, collected over the years.
(I will probably put these in my blog at some point.)

My personal Linux server, used for a lot of sites.

This was my primary focus during the years 1995 — 2011.
It consists of about 30.000 topics and 16.000 members.
In addition too the main content, it also holds:

More sites