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This is my personal website. Behold the enigma of converging shapes.

About stuff
Jonas Liljegren v2019

I love expanding function by organically integrating systems. Searching for the knowledge behind the veil. Not through logical reasoning but rather through intuition, synthesis and understanding of context.

My drive for unlocking the secrets of the universe has expanded my library with books, encyclopedias, documentaries and films with interesting concepts. Happy to sit in the evenings and learn something new from YouTube. I have learned to quickly find the answers to all kinds of questions online through effective source criticism and multiple perspectives.

I have collected alternative solutions in many areas that I believe can lead to a positive future for humanity. Science, technology, economics, democracy, pedagogy, psychology, sociology, etc. For this, I have also become involved in several non-profit movements, such as the Direct Democrats, the Zeitgeist Movement and JAK.

I love Star Trek, Parapsychology, the Semantic Web, Game Design, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dungeons & Dragons, Artificial Intelligence and Buffy.

Labels can often be misleading. I identify as an INFJ aspie. I will not chase trends. Prefer excellence over popularity. I may need time to adapt to unexpected changes in order to respond.

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Free/libre/open-source software. Techstack / SkillsI’m currently available for employment. Full stack web developer. Enjoys building modern web components on reactive state semantic graphs.Jonas blogJonas Liljegren Operating System Debian GNU/Linux with KDE. Have been using this since around 199…