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I’m currently available for employment. Full stack web developer. Enjoys building modern web components on reactive state semantic graphs.

Techstack / Skills
Jonas Liljegren v2013

I strive for advancing the state of what is possible in smart interconnected systems, using semantic graphs and bleeding edge web technology. Creating intuitive user experiences for complex integrations. The world is starting to believe in intelligent software.

The web has evolved immensely over the last 30 years. Many of the most popular frameworks today were created to solve problems that no longer exist. Things like jQuery, React and Webpack may still be popular and have a large install base, but are actually making the web worse compared to the now native functionalities of the modern web. Other technologies like TypeScript will be natively supported in the coming years.

As a full-stack developer I have done everything from assembling hardware, maintaining GNU/Linux servers, data modeling, constructing client-server APIs, designing websites and graphical design. I can easily pick up and start using any new frameworks or components needed for the project. Especially now with GPT4 Copilot. These are just some of the technologies I have extensive experience with.


Debian GNU/Linux system administration.
Virtualization with Docker, Xen, LVM and raid.
Network routing with iptables, DNS, DHCP, wifi, asterisk, voip.
Web servers with Apache, Nginx, Perl, PHP (Wordpress) and Node JS.
Email service with SMTP, IMAP, SPF, DKIM, Exim and return path for updating customer DB from bounces.
Database admin for Neo4J, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, with optimizations, bitemporal data and full text indexing.
Google cloud with maps javascript api, places api, AdSense, Ads, Search, Drive and more.
Microsoft 365 with admin center, sharepoint, teams, outlook and more.

Web technology

NodeJS 20, ES2023, HTML5/2023 with importmap.
CSS3 with media queries level 3, and selectors level 4.
HTTP 1, 2 and 3. This is the thing that almost removes the need for any bundling.

Custom Elements is the web native way for building applications. I have been using it with Lit and Polymer.

Other libraries I have used but not necessarily endorse include Express and Styling with bootstrap or tailwind. Testing with Mocha and Chai. Building with Gulp, Grunt and Rollup.

My style of development will usually lead to slow and steady development regardless of how hard or complex the problem is. This type of perfectionism means that I will usually be faster for hard problems but slower on easy ones.

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I’m currently available for employment as a Full stack web developer. This is my CV / Resume / Work history