I’m currently available for employment as a Full stack web developer. This is my CV / Resume / Work history

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  • Full Stack Senior Developer, Avisita

    January 2007 – October 2023

    • Mailing list automation with bounce handling, unsubscription and sync with per-user email address health status.
    • Web-based IMAP connection for displaying all types of multi-part emails with business integrations.
    • CMS with multi-language support in the RDF database with version history and rollback functionality, including customer portal for suggested changes.
    • Issue tracking system with email integration, queues, roles, workflow and notifications.
    • Sales statistics with fast data drilling.
    • Calendar integration for sales meetings and follow ups.
    • Asterisk VoIP integration with multiple queues, call center statistics and direct customer history connections.
    • RDF schema development based on prior work for ontologies such as OpenCyc or WordNet.
    • Integration with external databases for lodging and bookings.
    • Flexible bulk import with interactive handling of collisions and edge cases.
    • Flexible search, filtering and data exports using custom graph traversal expressions.
    • Built the next gen booking system with web components on a semantic graph with fully reactive state.
    • Virtualized servers with Xen and systems with Docker.
    • Administered Microsoft 365 with users, outlook, teams, sharepoint and more.

    Coordinator, Zeitgeist Movement Sweden

    December 2010 – December 2016

    • Weekly membership meetings in Gothenburg.
    • Participated in the production of yearly Z-day conferences in Gothenburg 2012 – 2016.
    • Later, acted as coordinator for Sweden, keeping contact with other cities and the world.
    • Administered websites and social media presence.

    President, Aktiv Demokrati

    September 2010 – April 2014

    Joined an association for promoting delegative or liquid democracy.

    • Learned PHP in order to maintain and upgrade the member forum.
    • Created a custom theme for Wordpress.
    • Developed the online voting software for liquid democracy including condorcet ranked pair and median voting.
    • Acted as president while developing the party for growing membership and recognition.
    • Created a lot of promotional material.
    • Participated in a lot of conferences and campaigns.
    • Consolidated the democracy movement by joining with DemoEx and forming Direktdemokraterna

    Computer systems engineer, RFK Informationsteknik

    August 1999 – December 2006

    • Linux system administration with customer websites and email.
    • Website design, coding and updating with Apache and Perl backends for several customers.
    • On-site consulting for TradeWinds in Oslo, creating a web version of the newspaper.
    • Contributed in the RDF community and the development of WRAF.
    • Development of a web based business system for CRM with custom RDF implementation for semantic graphs.
    • Lodging booking system expanded over years with features and usability for many different types of pricing models used for over 50.000 bookings.
    • Implemented a backup system for servers and clients using Amanda.
    • Education and tech support.

    Computer teacher, Information Highway Norrköping

    January 1999 – July 1999

    IT consultant, Information Highway Gothenburg

    May 1997 – December 1998

    My first job as a web developer was at CultCom that would later be acquired by Information Highway.


    1995 – 2009

    Created an online semantic encyclopedia and community where members can contribute with content.

    Webmaster, SKIP

    1995 – 1998

    During my studies I made several CGI programs with perl, for the student computer club SKIP.

    Bachelor of Science in Informatics, University of Gothenburg

    May 1993 – October 1997