First post

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First post

I'm starting this blog in order to save my stuff in a place for the future. Social platforms changes and sometimes disappears. And it has never been easy to search and organize stuff on Facebook.

I have always had a long term perspective on things. That is why I created timeless webpages rather than a timeline of posts. But things keeps piling up since I have mostly kept everything since I started writing stuff on the internet in the 1990 something.

Google used to keep an archive of usenet posts. It's gone. Before that there was the R20 fidonet posts.

I hope this is a way to easily save and categorize interesting stuff. I'll backdate older texts to the original publishing date. Much of it will be in swedish.

The future is built on the past. And the speed of progress is a function of how much we can build on the good stuff from the past.

Written by Jonas Liljegren
Building modern web components on reactive state semantic graphs. Passionate about exploring unconventional methods in technology development to shape a better future.