Movies about a positive future

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I would like to extend a challenge to all of you.

Find me a movie about a positive future!

A. Full length fiction film or series
B. Peaceful
C. Sustainable
D. Adopting future technology
E. With no big problem

b) Peaceful, as in not waging war and not suppressing choice with threats, violence or similar force. No class divisions. Equal access. It should at least be better than the "western" world of today.

c) Sustainable, as in not breaking down, neither environmentally or culturally. No over-consumption of natural resources and no solutions that are fragile.

d) Adopting future technology. No shortage of electrical energy. Common access to the abundance created by technology.

e) With no big problem, hidden or visible. No big secrets. No unfair limitations.

The movie or series must spend most of the time in this place.

That's it. – And this doesn't exclude the possibility of drama. There can still be personal conflicts, natural disasters, or even wars (as long as the society isn't the aggressor). You can have almost any type of story taking place in this positive future.

We must start believe in a better world!

There seems to be a persistent idea that a better world is not possible and that we must be content with things as they are.

The movies reflects the world. But they also forms our imaginations that over time changes the world. I feel we must have a belief that we can do better in order to change in a positive direction.

Almost all sorts of genres can take place in this kind of world in the same way they can take place in today's world. Just don't make the problem of the society the thing that creates the story structure. Let the world be interesting as a picture of what we can have if we want to.

Star Trek is simply unique in matching these criteria. It proves that it is possible to tell stories in that kind of world, there all people grew up in safe conditions. You will not find infighting or intrigues between the people. Since there is no war or poverty or money, everyone is there of free will. The problems arise instead in the contact with other civilizations and with the dangers of nature. – I just wish that more time would be spent on earth, without it being about crisis and misery.

If we lover the requirements a bit and just try to find movies that takes place in a better world. That is, better than today, regarding society, wealth and technology, we can find a couple of movies;

  • Back to the future, part 2 (1989)
  • Her (2013)
  • Lost Horizon (1937)
  • Bicentennial Man (1999)
  • Sunshine (2007)
  • Robot & Frank (2012)

Other movies has people coming from a better world, or is about traveling to a better world. But the largest part of the movie takes place outside of this place. Even a few seconds or minutes can make the movie worth watching, but it's not what I'm calling for here.

I'm really hoping that Waking Up will be a reality some day!


Written by Jonas Liljegren
Exploring unconventional methods in technology development to shape a better future.