Automation and Unconditional Basic Income

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Automation and Unconditional Basic Income

Depending on the environment, life without tools would keep most of your time on the task of staying alive and provide for your family. Food, water, shelter and protection from dangers. The time we have to work for our survival today is about 5 minutes per day. We may be close to Zero.

The cultural habit of trade has persisted through the ages. The things we offers for trade has shifted upwards on the hierarchy of needs, including values of truth, beauty, goodness and efficacy. But the ability to get paid has little connection to the actual value offered. All the barriers, marketing and tabulation related to money proves it's inefficiency.

The automation has gradually replaced jobs that could be done with little intellectual and social engagement. The things you can do without having to think or feel and still getting paid enough. The unconditional Basic Income is a necessity for the ever growing population that still has a lot of offer but can't compete in the marketplace, sell themself and have a consistent level of performance. It will not solve inequality but it will provide the opportunity for alternative ways of living.

The UBI may bootstrap a true gift economy that will unlock inspiration and compassion. A focus on producing value rather than maximizing profit.

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